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i have a big family and i love them and care about them a lot especially my sisters and the few who i care and love about like the first oldest and the fifth oldest since i am the fourth which is my sister cepprianna and the youngest jenn jenn who her full name is jenifer. and i have a half sister and three half brothers too. i love doing art cause i enjoy making a lot of new things in art that i could think of besides drawing sketching painting etc etc. and i love hanging out with my friend betty at her house as well as hanging out with her family cause i love them and care about them a lot too. and they love and care about me also. i also love reading books and writing stories just to keep myself busy so i won't be bored. i like doing stress free stuff so i won't be stressed a lot cause i like doing gratitude list or stuff to keep myself from being bored or stressed every day of the week. i also love listening to music including twilight soundtrack and watching a lot of movies except not a lot of horror movies not a big horror movie fan.