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Author/artist: slayergirl21
Pairing: sesshoumaru/kagome higurashi
Fandom: inuyasha
Set: A
Theme: dream lover
Rating nc-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own inuyasha it’s owned by rumiko takahashi


Kagome was in a field of flowers sitting down in it, when she thought of lord sesshoumaru she was thinking in her head “ I wish I could be with sesshoumaru or lord sesshoumaru as he is know by in this time instead of having to travel with inuyasha and the rest of my companion friends”.
While she was still thinking she suddenly felt tired like there was a spell on her for some reason she fell back with a thump and was asleep.
When she fell in the field of flowers she didn’t know sesshoumaru sensed her falling down in the field of flowers or what he thought of her in his mind to what he couldn’t say out loud “ I wish she was mine even though she is human but she is my half brother’s wench so that is impossible to be with her”.
But to his knowledge he didn’t he felt he had to walk to where she was at and sat down in the field beside where she was laying next to him.
When he to became entranced with the spell he felt tired he went to sleep next to her laying down beside her. Unbeknownst to them there was a person in the forest who smiled after she did the spell to get them together.
Her plan worked great for the both of them, meanwhile in the dream where kagome is she found herself in a bedroom in the castle that looked masculine a lot.
She never been in this room before and it looked less feminine she looked around the room where she was standing when she felt arms around her waist.
She turned around to fins sesshoumaru holding her from behind, she smiled she asked “is this my dream because it doesn’t look like something I would dream about at all”.
He looked at her then pulled away he said I would say the same thing I am wondering why you are in my dream or if we are dreaming in this reality at all”.
He grabbed her again then he kissed her while pushing her towards the bed when she fell on the bed he started to kiss her lips while moving to kiss on her lower jaw towards her neck when he moved down he took pieces of her clothes off.
Until she was fully naked. He disposed himself of his clothes then he went up after kissing her lower abdomen he kissed her lips again while he pushed two fingers inside of her and was pumping them in and out of her .
then he added another finger followed by another one while still pumping in and out of her while he went towards the bottom of her lower part.
He pushed his tongue inside while she was still pumping his fingers in and out of her until she screamed his name while overcoming with her orgasm then he went upwards to where her lips were and kissed her again while he told her “this may hurt kagome but hold on”.
She nodded then he thrust himself inside of her while kissing her lips to cover her screams until he stopped he looked at her when she nodded her head for him to continue so he continued until it was finally over after her screaming his name several times.
When there was a flash and suddenly they woke up and it was dark both of them were found in each other’s arms in the field of flowers and pushed each other away when he got up he said “don’t tell anybody about this I will see you soon the next time we meet kagome so keep your promise and if you don’t you will get punished for it.
When she got up she shook her head yes then he went towards her kissed her then he left in the shadows of the forest while kagome heard her name being called and went towards where the sounds were to go to her friends at the camp.



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